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Special Fundraiser
Due to extreme weather circumstances, we're holding a special fundraiser. This beautiful one of a kind quilt is being raffled for us to help keep warm this winter and to help with medical bills. Please visit the YouCaring page at http://www.youcaring.com/other/quilt-for-warmth/133989 to donate and enter the raffle.
Our Houndie
Homestead Boys!

The big Red Boy is up for adoption!! He is our senior love. Left to right: Dudley Do Right, Smitty (available for adoption) Checkers, and Hank and the 2 legger is Montana's best pooper picker upper!


Brutus the Basset is in rough shape with cysts and horrible rotten teeth. With icy roads and being snowed in for some time now preventing lots of driving... we just set up some help with our back up rescue vet in Missoula to see Brutus again to get some vet care.

Therefore as of this typing I have no pictures to share yet... but this Basset needs help and help he shall receive. We have arranged thru phone calls with Dr. Marcos Puiggari DVM to have this poor hurting Basset looked at and the most urgent problem addressed after pre op labs drawn.

Updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page as they happen.



ALERT: In order to save the shelter dog runs from being caved in and killing me or any of the dogs inside them... we had to hire a workman to get the 2-3 ft high wet snow OFF the roofs !! Now the wall heater in the lobby still is not working and we need the heat so an electrician has to be called. We just do not have any volunteers to help with these two problems. The fire dept. last month came when I called in a panic... but the volunteer fire dept. do not have spare guys to come out now. Thank you for everyone understanding the immediate needs of our Rescue Shelter.


Important Message
Please keep in mind that each applicant is treated as an individual. Basset Rescue of Montana considers ALL factors in our adoption process; A FEW REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT SET IN STONE. Individual circumstances are taken into consideration. If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad and have Basset experience and do not have a fenced yard, we are willing to review your application. The adoption committee always considers the needs of the Basset over the perspective home and the potential adopters viewpoints. Thank you all for understanding what the needs of a hound are. They love to romp and sniff without a leash and this is explained in great detail on our website : Why a fenced Yard section.

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