Why We Require Adopters Have Fenced Yards:

At the risk of stating the obvious -- Bassets are HOUNDS! It's not that they follow their noses ... all dogs do that to greater or lesser extent. It's that hounds live in an entirely different world, not only from us, but even from other breeds. They use their noses like we -- and other breeds -- use their eyes. They're utterly relentless once they catch a scent. Believe us, we know from experience: you've never seen single-minded determination until you've seen a hound on a trail.

Therefore, it is very important for the sake of a Basset going into a "first time owner Basset household" that the potential adopter have a fenced yard. If your yard is not fenced, we anticipate dogs wandering off and not finding their way home, or be found by their people... and that is how so many Bassets end up here in the first place.

Why Bassets Need a Fenced Yard

  • Bassets' sense of smell is incredible. Once their noses hit the ground, they're gone.

  • And once they're gone they'll cover many miles, which they were bred to do. They can, and will, go much farther than inexperienced owners would ever expect (or believe).

  • Bassets, and other hounds, are extremely stubborn and determined when on the trail! People unused to having hounds (as opposed to most other breeds) will not be familiar with just how stubborn and determined hound dogs are when it comes to picking up a trail and staying on it. Again, it's about breeding. Hounds without obsession were useless to the hunters who originally bred them.

  • Unlike most other breeds, hound dogs -- including bassets -- were bred to work independently, out of sight of their masters! They think for themselves, follow their own agendas, and when on the scent they "go deaf" to your calls, whistles and pleas.

Other Benefits of a Fenced Yard

Providing space in which a dog can run, play, relax, defend and just be a dog is extremely important to his/her health and happiness. Exercise while on leash is, of course, beneficial, but just running and playing is also extremely beneficial and, I believe, necessary for a well-balanced dog.

Offering a basset a fenced yard that can be accessed during the day helps alleviate the boredom associated with being in the house all day. Bassets do have a reputation for being couch potatoes but, in reality, they are very athletic, versatile dogs. All hounds are -- they have to be, to be able to do what they're bred to do!

Chaining or tying up any dog outside for any length of time often leads to frustration, neuroses, and aggression problems (How friendly would you be feeling if you were tied up, vulnerable and defenseless?) Also, a tied-up dog can easily become entangled, which can result in injury or even death!

Thank you for understanding.


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