Foster a Basset

  • Fostering is providing a half-way home for basset hounds during the relocation / adoption process.

  • Fostering is for people who would like to experience a Basset before making a long-term commitment.

  • Fostering is saving a life.

  • Foster homes must meet the same type of facility requirements that a regular adoption requires, but on a temporary basis.

  • Foster care expenses include food and shelter, and any other care the foster would like to provide. The Basset Rescue of Montana pays all veterinarian bills, and will assist where asked, including providing needed assistance as stated in the Foster Agreement. These agreements will be updated as needed if a foster needs extra help, or can give extra help, after the agreement has already been signed. Basset Rescue of Montana fundraises to keep money coming in with which to assist all our foster families for the care they give the rescue's bassets.

  • Fostering is guilt free.

  • Foster "parents" provide love and attention, and especially belly rubs!

  • Fostering can lead to adoption. The choice is yours.

  • Now, if you are ready, please proceed by emailing Leslie (see below). If you are not sure, then you should speak with a rescue counselor at your local shelter. Take your time - be patient. Unfortunately, dogs will always be available.

  • Any person interested in joining our Rescue Organization please email Leslie Ames: "I will always take the time to talk to anyone who has a warm heart and wants to help us save dogs!!"


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