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The Houndie Homestead members are:
Checkers (ATB), Hank, Dudley Do Right,
Brutus (ATB), and Chief. These are dogs that have come
under the care of Basset Rescue and
cannot be adopted out for various reasons.

Introducing Chief, a 10 year old senior GSD.
He weighs 98 lbs. and is able to help Leslie
when she trips and falls. Chief is always by her side.
He comes by way of Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

To learn why a GSD is part of the Houndie Homestead,
please read our Mission Statement.

For more about his adoption see Best Friends.

Chief with Leslie outside
at his new home in Montana.

Chief is always on alert to guard
Leslie and the bassets. In the back you see
senior hound Brutus who appreciates Chief
guarding the houndie homestead.

Our Houndie
Homestead Boys!

Leslie and 3 of the Houndie Homestead Boys;
Dudley, Checkers, and Brutus AKA Grandpa (ATB).
Only Hank is missing, since he was too busy for a photo shoot.
Each homestead dogs' bio is below.

Our dearest Checkers passed away Thursday August 20th, 2015.
He was a beautiful Senior boy, is greatly missed by all of us here,

Houndie Homestead

Picture 1:Lobby 1 is winter-ready.
Picture 2: After beds get placed - winter ready!.
Picture 3: Lobby 2 Propane heater.
Picture 4: Brutus (ATB) inspecting Lobby 2 updates.
"Please come join me."

We have safe high fences and
lots of room for houndies to roam. This is
their back yard at the shelter.

Left: This is one picture of our Houndie Homestead yard.
Right: This is the adjoining yard of Houndie Homestead.

Left: 5 acres of lush grass: Our meadow.........In a Montana springtime.....Look closely and you can see the wagon wheel gate.
Right: Taken years ago.....All the horses lived a full life here into their 30s. Now I have 1 pony and two horses to grace the ranch.

Left: Our Houndie Homestead Bassets have a calm place to rest with their own entrance into their own 16 ft covered dog run. This suite is named Ms. Lady's Luck Parlor.
Right: Inside lobby snapshot of the shelter--showing our largest suite Pioneer Suite named after my German Shepherd "Partner" who came to Montana with me and helped me to continue this rescue org. after the Founder left the area. It is a big 7ft x 6ft 5 ft tall and has stars glued to the ceiling that light up after dark.

Left: Pioneer Suite is a huge 7ft x 6 ft & 5 ft high with its own window and has a larger opening for its own covered 24 ft dog run. This is the suite that I can lie down with the newbies that are so anxious. I put a big pillow in for me, too!
Center: The Pioneer Suite
Right: The Pioneer Suite with a big multicolored blanket.

Left:Our side pen that we use when needed is covered with winter snow. Dog houses are heated and it's a nice secure yard.
Center:Here is our Houndie Homestead yard in our winter fresh snow. Creek is frozen underneath.
Right:Winter 2003.
Even more snow Winter 2014, pictures available on request.


Houndie Homestead
Checkers (ATB) - Further assessment have been made and we are admitting Checkers into our safe and loving Houndie Homestead. He has become very sensitive and a velcro dog and I have so much love and respect for this basset who was chained and abused so much that he will be loved forever here on the ranch. He has been here for over a year. After having TV interviews, being shown thru out Missoula, especially Murdochs... with no applications for his adoption, this was an easy decision. He is our Omega basset in the pack here.

Our dearest Checkers passed away Thursday August 20th, 2015.
He was a beautiful Senior boy, is greatly missed by all of us here,

Hank is about the sweetest basset mix boy you'd ever want to meet, and he's now entered into our "Houndie Homestead" for his care, as he was born with a severely deformed front leg and it hurts him to get around. His care will be expensive, and we felt the "Houndie Homestead" (where we usually place our unadoptable bassets) will be his best bet.

He's settled in with everyone at the ranch and enjoys running amok (within his limits, of course) in the Creek Crossing with all the other pooches. Hank is very obedient, loving, gives loads of snooter kisses and radiates happiness... but he starts to limp after only a little while, and you can tell he's bravely trying to overlook his pain, but I can tell! Hank's a dead-ringer for my beloved Colbee Ames, who left me for the Bridge so unexpectedly only months ago, dying from cancer, so... Hank now eats where Colbee Ames used to eat, and I have pulled out of storage Colbee's special stainless steel food bowl that he used to eat from! Before that, it was my beloved MayBell's... boy we sure do get attached, don't we?!

He's already had all his shots, been dewormed, and had x-rays of his legs. The orthopedic vet, Dr. Mark Albrecht, said surgery isn't a good option at this point, and recommended we give him specialized care, including therapy and medications such as Rimadyl. Such care and medication to keep Hank comfortable, mobile and pain free is gonna cost! PLEASE, if you can help, just click on the donation button below and donate via PayPal! Every penny will help!

Dudley Do Right - My alarm clock each morning... his warm muzzle and tail wagging ferociously is my signal to get up and rolling here on the ranch. I am a good slave! Dude was returned from an adoption years ago for bladder problems not cured by medicine. So a variety of daily medicine and long walks to the mailbox for us both seem to bring us exercise and contentment. Dudley Do Right is the ONLY Basset ever here on the ranch who has great recall and can be off leash all the time. He mingles with the cats and horses. He is the one who feels my grief welling up inside me for my Lakota Sue (ATB) and Gussie, and he places his entire head on my lap and kisses my hands. He is one special hound who was kicked in the face knocking out a canine tooth, abused and treated like a rock. HE IS MY ANGEL.

Brutus (ATB) This precious senior boy we nicknamed Grandpa,
is now resting happily at the Bridge. He had a safe
and loving home here at Rescue for many years.
Old age finally requested he visit
Augustus McCrae, Lakota Sue and Lola Falana
and all the other dogs at the bridge.
He went softly and kindly into heaven!


Around the Ranch
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There is a story about an old man walking along the beach with his grandson. The grandson picked up each starfish they passed and threw it back into the sea. "If I left them on the beach," the boy said, "they would dry up and die. I'm saving their lives." "But," protested the old man, "the beach goes on for miles and there are millions of starfish. What you are doing won't make any difference." The boy looked at the starfish in his hand and gently threw it into the ocean and answered, "it made a difference to that one."

~ Author Unknown

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