Adoption Requirements


ADOPTION DONATION: Every cent of your adoption donation goes to provide food, shelter and medical attention to the many bassets we receive into our shelter every year.



    (Determined on a case-by-case basis.)
Every penny of each of these donations is tax deductible, and we provide receipts upon request.

6 Myths about Basset Hounds

1. Basset Hounds are less intelligent than other dogs.

Bassets are VERY intelligent, but they also possess an independent nature and low desire to please their people. This blend of characteristics can make them frustrating to live with, but it also means that they're a fascinating challenge to a dog trainer. Train your Basset with lots of positive motivation (they respond especially well to food rewards) and you'll see how smart they are!

2. Basset Hounds are medium-sized dogs.

Technically, but only in height. A sturdy male Basset weighing upwards of 70 pounds might make you doubt that technicality. Bassets are strong, solid dogs who can really pull on their leashes. Don't underestimate them! (Ed. note: Cocker spaniels are medium-size dogs. Tie a Basset to a pair of spaniels and watch them go up in the air like a kite if the Basset wanted to go somewhere the spaniels did not. The Basset really is a very large dog on very short legs, and they weigh much more than the look like they do.)

3. Basset Hounds are short-haired dogs that don't shed.

Bassets shed A LOT despite their short coat. Regular brushings (especially with a currycomb, hound's glove or shedding blade) help quite a bit, but be prepared to know your vacuum cleaner intimately. Luckily, Bassets seem much less terrified of vacuum cleaners than do most other breeds.

4. Basset Hounds are good companions to take on off-lead romps through the woods.

Bassets love to be taken on walks, but they always should be kept on a lead.A Flexi-Lead works well (get the heavy-duty one), since it gives the Basset the illusion of freedom but still will keep him under your control. Unleashed, a Basset might (make that probably will) decide to follow his nose and leave you without a thought, only realizing what he's done when he's miles away and unable to return home. Don't take chances with the safety of your Basset. Either keep him on a leash or let him play within the confines of a fenced-in yard.

5. Bassets bond better with other dogs than they do with humans.

Bassets were bred to exist companionably with other dogs in packs and they DO tend to get along well with each other. But they also love people; very few breeds are as affectionate toward human beings as the Basset Hound. Most bond strongly with their people, showing none of the aloofness of some of the other hound breeds.

6. Bassets are couch potatoes who laze around all day, barely breathing.

Some Bassets are loafers, but nearly all are active, busy dogs who get into trouble regularly. Many chew and are destructive. Others frequently overturn garbage pails and shred paper. And, of course, any food within Basset reach (and they are a looooooong dog that can reach QUITE far up on a kitchen counter when motivated to do so) is fair game. Be prepared for anything with a Basset Hound! (from Emerald Empire BHF newsletter, previously in May 1999 Bugler permission given for posting to Basset Rescue of MT. website.

List of Adoption Requirements:

All potential adopters must agree to have safe, fenced yards, including the following:
  1. The fence must have a minimum height of four (4) feet.

  2. The fence must have lockable gates.

  3. If there is a swimming pool, it must be enclosed with separate, additional fencing.

  4. It’s beneficial to have a doggie door, especially for those adopters who work out of the home. Doggie doors are not as urgently needed if you work inside your home. Nothing in our adoption requirements are written in stone.

  5. Placements of our rescues into homes with day care operations are not permitted.

  6. Children in a family must be at least SIX (6) years old.

  7. We believe that all our requirements are reasonable. We are all dog lovers, and we want to find the right homes for each and every dog by finding the best matches between the dogs and adoptive families.

Important Message
Please keep in mind that each applicant is treated as an individual. Basset Rescue of Montana considers ALL factors in our adoption process; A FEW REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT SET IN STONE. Individual circumstances are taken into consideration. If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad and have Basset experience and do not have a fenced yard, we are willing to review your application. The adoption committee always considers the needs of the Basset over the perspective home and the potential adopters viewpoints. Thank you all for understanding what the needs of a hound are. They love to romp and sniff without a leash and this is explained in great detail above.

If you need to relinquish your Basset Hound...

Please appreciate and respect the need for the many questions our adoption committee will ask you. If you need to relinquish your basset hound, please offer a small donation to cover any incurred expenses. Every hound that comes into our organization brings a variety of increased costs for the shelter. We are, as are many rescue organizations, struggling to stay afloat. A donation of $50 helps a LOT! Plus a much needed stipend of $20.00 to $25.00/month or a $250.00 one time donation to help defray the costs of care for a while. Costs of care change with seasonal changes in utilities, etc. And food increases, etc. Thank you for understanding. Receipts are given upon request.


We are in urgent need of foster homes in Western Montana.
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